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Contractor Referral Program

How does our Plumber Referral Program work?

At Professional Restorations not only do we believe in building relationships, we believe in rewarding them as well! That is why we have created the Plumber Referral Program.  Our program is easy to enroll in and simple to follow! All you have to do is recommend your client call Professional Restorations if they need any of the following services:

Water Extraction and Structural Drying

Fire Restoration
Soot or Smoke Removal
Mold Removal
Sewage cleanup  

When the client calls our office we will send a representative to their home to perform an evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete we will give the client a proposal. If the client accepts our proposal and the work is performed we will then send a check for $100.00 to the individual who referred us to them.

It’s That Simple!

You Refer Professional Restorations. We do the work. You get paid!

If you are interested in participating in our program please contact us at any of the phone numbers above or e-mail us at Matts@ProfessionalRestorations.net for your referral program information.

Get a call from a client in the middle of the night? You can still refer us! Professional Restorations is available 365 days a year  24 hours a day.


Your phone rings in the dead of the night, it’s 10 degrees, and the customer needs you now. They have just returned from vacation, the house is ice cold and there is water in the basement.  When you arrive there is a swimming pool down there and a hysterical customer that isn’t in the mood for the backstroke!  OK, what does that have to do with $100.00?

It’s simple, you pull out your plumber referral card and call our number.  We will respond 24/7 with the necessary equipment  which is fully equipped with all of the latest structural drying technology, including the new Thermal Imaging Camera!  It’s that simple, you give out our number, we send you the check*. Call us today to receive your referral packet!

Call on us for any restoration work (FIRE, SMOKE, SOOT, WATER, SEWAGE, and MOLD) and collect some cash!

*Customer must hire Professional Restorations in order to receive the referral fee.



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